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100W R-Core Transformer 115V//230V ,Pre amplifier / DAC

100W R-Core Transformer 115V//230V ,Pre amplifier / DAC
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Price: US$53.00
Availability: In Stock
Model: r80-xx
Manufacturer: Lite Audio
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Model No: R80-xx,  NEW IN STOCK

-100VA R Core transformer, best for tube preamp and DAC
-Universal Power supply , work withh 115V and 230V , Please refer to the follow picture for primary  connection diagram.
-Measurement size: 120mm X 92mm X 50mm
-mounting hole dimension: 90mm X 70mm
-Please let us the exact model number you want , or the DIY-GENE preamplifier model number you need to match, I will match for you.

Model Specification
R80-04    0-280-320X2(50mA, 0-6.3X2(2.5A), 0-12.6(1A)
R80-17    (250-0-250)X2(75mA).(3.15-0-3.15) X2(1.5A),0-6.3X2(1.5A)
R80-25    300-0-300(80mA), 0-6.3X2(1.6A), Œ0-15(1.6A), 0-12(0.7A)
R80-31    300-0-300(60mA),0-6.3(2A),0-15(2A),0-12.6(2A)
R80-35    0-28-35 X2(0.7A), 0-5 (2.2A).0-12 X2(1.4A)
R80-36    260-230-0-230-260(90mA). 2.5-0-2.5(3A).(3.15-0-3.15)X2(3A)
R80-37    0-300V-360V-380VX2(0.15A)  0-15VX1(1A)  0-12VX1(1A)  0.6.3VX2(2A) (OUT OF STOCK)
R80-44    (0-360-400)X2(50mA).0-15(2A).0-5(2A) .0-6.3X2(2A)
R80-46    300-0-300(60mA),0-6.3(1.6A),0-18X2(1A),0-12.6(1A)
R80-47    0-250-280X2(150mA), 0-6.3(3.5A), 0-5V(2A)
R80-49    300-0-300(70mA),0-6.3(1.6A),0-18(1.2A),0-12.6(1.2A), 0-9V(1.2A)
R80-53       0-6.3 X2 (1.1A),320-0-320(60mA), 0-15 X2 (1.5A)
R80-55       0-9 X2 (3A),0-250(200mA)
R80-56       0-6.3 X1 (2A),320-0-320(80MA), 0-18 X2 (2A), 0-5(2.5A)
R80-63       0-270x1(250mA), 0-9VX2(2.2A)
R80-GA1    300-0-300(95mA), 0-6.3VX1(1.5A), 0-6.3VX1(1A), 0-9-15VX1(2.3A)
R80-GA12  0-250VX1(200mA), 0-9V(3A), 0-26VX1(0.5A), 0-18V(0.5A)
R80-LS69   0-180-250X1(200mA), 0-26VX1(500mA)., 0-18VX1(500MA0, 0-9VX1(3A)
R80-LS70   400-0-400X1(85mA) ,0-5VX1(1.7A) 0-6.3VX1(1.7A) , 0-6.3VX1(425mA)
R80-LS70H  0-9-18VX2(1.2A), 0-6VX1(1.7A), 0-6VX1(2A), 0-6.3VX1(0.5A), 0-12VX1(1.2A)

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100W R-Core Transformer 115V//230V ,Pre amplifier / DAC
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